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Barnet Story Competition Winner

By Mo
Aged 9

Every night a cute fuzzy creature breaks into The Spires . He lightly stomps and sways from side to side as he treads along the isles of Waitrose looking for cuddly toys.

He finds the Beany Boos, cuddles them all and takes them back to the land of Snugglewuggles which is a small floating cloud above The Spires. Being covered in pink and turquoise fluffy stripes, Pom Pom knows that the more soft toys he finds, the snugglier and cuter he becomes. He adds the Beany Boos to the gigantic pile of cuddly teddies that he hugs every night.

Some evenings he goes to Savers to get shampoo to keep his hair soft and snuggly and clean. Always keeping an eye out for cuddly toys.

One special evening Pom pom went to The Works, and there, in the small toy section he was surprised to find another large cute fuzzy monster!! The second they saw each other they started chatting and found out that they like the same things. So they became good friends. Often they would meet up in Snugglewuggle land and chat until they flop asleep together on the big bundle of teddies.

The End.