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Waterstones Books of The Month for July!

Presenting The Watersones Books of the Month for July!

The July selection is laced with history and inheritance, from a tender debut that toasts loves lost and won, to a Raj-era mystery, a children’s adventure built on the results of climate change and a must-read examination of a tussle for supremacy in the Middle East.

When All is Said – Anne Griffin

Containing echoes of the poignant retrospection of Rachel Joyce and Joanna Cannon, When All is Said is a powerful and tender depiction of ordinary existence in all its flawed and quiet glory, as seen through one man’s twilight-hour toasts to five people who defined his life. Irish writer Anne Griffin packs a lifetime into her accomplished five-act debut and the result is a novel that sings with warmth, humour and compassion.

Lords of the Desert – James Barr
Laying siege to what Winston Churchill called the ‘Special Relationship’, the author of the bestselling history A Line in the Sand sheds new light on Anglo-American involvement in the Middle East. Moving from Britain’s post-war dominance to the shattering reverberations of Suez, James Barr interrogates the way British and American powers sought to undermine each other in a scramble for power, oil and influence. A visionary writer, whose work foreshadowed the rise of Isis, Barr draws on extensive research and previously unreferenced archive material to form a compelling account of double-dealing and political brinksmanship that ultimately sounded the death-knell for British Empire and ushered in a new era of regional instability and conflict.
Smoke and Ashes – Abir Mukherjee
Following on from the standout success of A Rising Man and A Necessary Evil, Abir Mukherjee returns with another richly satisfying mystery, framed against the immersive backdrop of Raj-era Calcutta. English policeman Sam Wyndham’s demons dance dangerously close to the surface as his own opium addiction leads him and his shrewd ally Sergeant “Surrender-not” Banerjee on the trail of a spate of ritualistic killings. Add in a second case and the rising struggle for Indian independence and you have the groundwork for an intricate detective novel that’s head and shoulders above the rest. An ideal starting place for readers new to the series and a treat for existing fans.
Where the River Runs Gold  – Sita Brahmachari

As in her Waterstones Children’s Book Prize-winning debut, Artichoke Hearts, Sita Brahmachari demonstrates a rare ability to blend personal stories and big ideas into a heart-winning whole. In a caste-divided, dystopian world where bees have died out and the poor labour as farm-hands, two children risk everything in search of a better life. Inspired by current environmental concerns and tackling themes of inequality, courage and social justice, Where the River Runs Gold is an adventure built on the enduring hope of a better, fairer future.


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