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One Great Day

The Spires Shopping Centre take on The Rock Apes (RAF Regiment Gunners) in 20,000 Press Up Marathon for charity!


“Rock Ape” is an historical nickname given to commemorate the traditional role of the RAF Regt when guarding areas of Gibraltar. The RAF Regiment have and are still involved in such conflicts across the globe including Afghanistan and Iraq. They are highly renowned across the British Armed Forces for their fitness and professionalism.

June 16th 2018, will see the two teams of six, put their metal to the test with a gargantuan task of completing 20,000 Press Ups in aid of One Great Day (supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital and The Spires supported charity Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice).

The rules of the Challenge are simple, each team consist of 6 individuals with the first team to complete 20,000 Press Ups winning, only one member in each team can complete press ups at any one time, so team work is imperative if either team are to complete this near impossible challenge.

The teams are hard at work training their bodies into taking this sort of punishment, so on the day can put on a good performance.

The Event will take place on the mall floor of The Spires Shopping Centre, we would love to see you there on the day to shout on the teams and support in any way you can.  But, if you would like to donate before the big day, we have set up a fundraising page, which can be viewed here;  

Thank you for your support and we look forward to welcoming you all on the day.