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Improve Your Wellbeing in 5 Simple Steps

It’s always good to take a moment to reflect on what you’d like to change or do more of in your life, but making resolutions shouldn’t just be restricted to January.

Here at The Spires, we’ve searched our stores to find you the best products to help you live more mindfully, which in turn, will improve your health and wellbeing throughout all of the year.

  1. Exercise More

Teamwork makes the dream work, and if you’ve got a gym buddy, it will make working out so much more fun and rewarding. Speak to the team at Anytime Fitness about how their membership could help you.

If your gym kit could use a bit of an upgrade, then head to H&M and check out their new sportswear range. We love these trousers in sweatshirt fabric from their conscious range. The polyester content of the trousers is recycled, good for the planet, good for you.

Sports Trousers – £19.99 – H&M

  1. Eat more healthily

Going vegan, if even just for the month can seem a little challenging. But the health benefits and positive impact a plant-based diet can have on the environment are reasons alone to make a change. Thankfully, there is plenty of literature out there with top tips and guidance.

We love Bosh! How To Live Vegan £9.99 from WHSmith, which includes practical advice about what to eat, as well as where to find the right clothes and toiletries, and how to travel more sustainably.

Waitrose has plenty of recipe inspiration, including ideas for every meal of the day. So get planning and write a list before you head to the shops.

Vegan white frying-pan pizza recipe – Waitrose

[Image sourced from Waitrose]

3. Make sure you get your vitamins

Keeping our vitamins topped up is a good way of warding off those pesky winter colds. The Active Honey Company Rainforest Honey is an active honey derived from Chile which not only tastes great but has added lemon and Vitamin D, perfect for maintaining a strong immune system. Simply take directly off the spoon or add to a hot drink or a warming bowl of porridge.

Rainforest Honey 10+ Lemon & Vitamin D3 227g – £4.99 – Savers

4. Be More Mindful

In the digital age, it’s hard to stay present without our attention being constantly distracted. Learning how to switch off is a skill that we all need to practice more often.  The Wellbeing Journal was developed in partnership with Mind, the mental health charity. Each page of this gorgeous journal includes activities, colouring, drawing prompts, contemplative quotes and lots of space for you to write about your own thoughts, feelings and experiences to assist you in being more mindful. Find it in The Works for just £8.99.

5. Switch up digital screens for a good old fashioned page-turner

Make a concerted effort to cut down your screen time, and instead, switch over to a guilt-free book binge instead. Not only do the benefits of reading boast improved sleep, better memory and a strengthened vocabulary, there’s nothing quite like the exhilaration you will feel when hooked on a good book.

The Binding by Bridget Collins – £8.99 – Waterstones

Waterstones Fiction Book of the Month for January 2020

The Binding is truly a phenomenal, magical, all-consuming novel of the kind that only comes around once in a blue moon.’ Ella at Lewes Waterstones

Improve Your Wellbeing in 5 Simple Steps