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Barnet’s First Teenage Market

We are delighted to announce that the first ever Barnet Teenage Market will be taking place at The Spires on Easter Saturday (31st March) on the Bandstand.

The nationwide program, which started in Stockport, is proving to be very successful so, a team of residents, societies and high street traders led by Bob Burstow campaigned to bring the market to High Barnet. The aim, to breathe new life into the historic but fading market in Chipping Barnet and to give young people in the town, a platform to bring their entrepreneurial and performance skills to life.

The Market is the outcome of a successful £55,000 crowdfunding event that took place between April and September last year, which includes a pledge of £30,000 from The Mayor of London.  The money raised has helped buy the infrastructure: stalls, staging, amplification, cafe seating and lighting and will also fund services for the pilot period: site crews to set-up and take-down, cost of extra policing (if necessary) and cleaning.

The market will run post-school, pre-evening time and will offer stalls for young people wishing to sell and a sound stage for young people wanting to try out their ideas to a live audience.

The project is a limited-time 12-month pilot, beginning on the Easter weekend, running one teenage market per month. At the end of this period the aim is to realise a self-sufficient and expanding new market for the town.

The very first Teenage Market will take on the Bandstand at the Spires Shopping Centre 4:00 pm on Saturday 31 March!

Interested in being a part of this? Here’s what you need to do:

As an individual trader, you register (for free) on You’ll then be able to pitch for a place at the Market.

It is free to most teenage traders. The stall will cost nothing and the basic public indemnity is paid for.

If you are selling food and drink you’ll need to get your own Environmental Health clearance – and if you’re doing something unusual and possibly dangerous then you’ll need your own insurance.

If you are a trader under 18 years old, then you’ll need to bring a responsible adult with you to help run the stall.

We will not be providing things to sell, or a starter pack of money for change. That is your job.

You need to be at the market ahead of time to set up your stall ready for 4pm, the start of the market.

You will need to be ready to stay on after 7:30 to clear your stall away. The stall must be active until then.

If you would like to find out more about Teenage Markets: